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Intuition. From a personal safety perspective, learning to hone and trust our intuition is vital and real. But, the power of intuition can be compromised by anxiety and depression. 

“What people refer to as intuition: We use it every day to describe a certain feeling, but we didn’t know for sure it existed,” Dr. Pearson said. “With our work, we have shown strong evidence that unconscious feelings and emotions can combine with conscious feelings, and we can use it to make better decisions.”
— Judi Ketteler, "How to Get Your Intuition Back (When It's Been Hijacked by Life)"

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I just finished reading "How to Teach Girls They Don’t Have to Be Nice" by Katie Arnold on Outside Magazine Online. She makes a keen point that I try to make in my self-defense teaching: you don't have to be nice. Kind, yes. Nice, no.

Kindness can and should be taught. Niceness, however, springs from a desire to please others, even if it’s at our own expense.
— Katie Arnold, "How to Teach Girls They Don't Have to Be Nice"

This August 6, 2017 Sam Harris Waking Up Podcast interview of Gavin de Becker includes some great safety principles and advice. I highly recommend listening!


Kelly Herron survived a horrific attack while running in Seattle. Listen to how she escaped from her attacker in this interview by Carrie Tollefson in the C Tolle Run podcast. (Spoiler alert! Kelly used techniques from a self-defense course she'd taken just a few weeks earlier!)

Recommended Books

"The Unthinkable" by Amanda Ripley

I give copies of this book to my new clients. It is highly entertaining as Ms. Ripley delves into the practices and psychology of survival.


"Meditations on Violence" by Sgt. Rory Miller

So much good stuff in here. Sgt. Miller has excellent tips on how best to train your body and mind to respond to violence.


"The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker

A great how-to for surviving violent incidents.


"On Combat" by Lt. Col. David Grossman

Excellent research on how to become a sheepdog and avoid being a sheep.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Not Today MF!

My friend Kelly was attacked while out on a run in Seattle. She survived and escaped her attacker using techniques she learned at a self-defense course. During the attack, she screamed, "NOT TODAY MOTHER F*CKER!!" 

Naturally, this amazing battle cry has made it to mugs and t-shirts. Kelly founded NOT TODAY! to promote women's safety and security.


My friend Amanda created this really cool mobile app that allows you to explore new routes. You can enter in your distance and pick the places you want to see. FASTZach then creates a route for you. It is perfect if you love to run and love to travel.