Photo: Amelia Bartlett Photography

Photo: Amelia Bartlett Photography


Julie Barron Morrill

Consultant in Emergency Preparedness & Personal Safety & Owner of Roar Training

Hi, I'm Julie.

I live in Virginia and Massachusetts, but I spend most of my time traveling the world to assist clients in emergency preparedness and personal safety. I have clients in a wide variety of industries, training them how to best respond to disasters. 

I love conducting safety workshops for women and girls around the world. My teaching is based in Krav Maga, an Israeli form of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense in which I have been training since 2004 and teaching since 2010.

My work has taken me to the Middle East, Central America, India, Nepal, and Haiti. I apply my worldwide travels and professional experience to my teaching of self-defense and train my students in real-world scenarios.

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